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Lasse Corus

Moin and welcome to my page! I am Lasse Corus, a drummer and songwriter from Northern Germany. After three years studying in Vienna I am living now in London to finish my Bachelor in Creative Musicianship. You will find all information about my musical way and the current work I`m taking part in. If you got any questions or would like to collaborate, just send me a message at contact(at) Best, Lasse

news from my blog

concert dates

10.1. Hope Will Lead / Local (Vienna)
19.3. TE  / Fiddler’s Elbow (London)
10.4. Departure Live /Nambucca (London)
12.4. Laura Goldthorp / Omeara (London)
13.4. Emma Moore / The Rocksteady (London)
22.4. Natalie Lindi / Nambucca (London)
23.4. Short Stories for Commuters & Shakila K / Nambucca (London)
06.5. Heren Wolf / The Social (London)
23.5. Hope Will Lead / Kramladen (Vienna)
more tba soon



Buntfink, Hope Will Lead, Natalie Lindi, Emma Moore, Laura Goldthorp, Short Stories For Commuters, Shakila K, Momentos Wien, Vienna University Choir, Open Ears Concept, Hydrant, Lucas Murphy, „Let`s Jam“ – series with Michael Fink, Alexander Putz, Wolfgang Taupe and Luk.

e.g. at:

Omeara, Rocksteady (London), Wiener Konzerthaus, Cafe Siebenstern, Kramladen, Reigen, Sargfabrik (Vienna), Glocke, Musical Theater, Moments (Bremen), Knust (Hamburg), Sandburg, JKU Teichwerk (Linz), Schlot (Berlin), Early Bird (Innsbruck), Jugend jazzt Verden, Sonograph Festival, Hebo Open Air, Stromlos Salzburg…

e.g. with:

Buntfink, Alex Deutsch, David Piribauer, hope will lead, Patrick Koller, Sebastian Wurm, Carlo Garella, Erik Regul

e.g. at:

Tileyard Studios (UK), Mushroom Studios, Rockstudio (AT), Horizont Studio (DE)

lessons e.g. with:

Lisa Canny, Tim Elsenburg, Erika Footman, Cam Hinds, Roman Materi (Music Art Nienburg), Jörg Mikula, Malte Müller, Dusan Novakov, Michael Prowaznik, Jon Shone, Luke Toms, Jonathan Whiskerd

workshops & masterclasses e.g. with:

Aamir Yaqub, Xantone Blacq, Gabor Dornyei, Stephan Emig, Ralph Humphrey, Tony Zawinul

about me

Northern German musician and drummer Lasse Corus discovered his love for music while creating soundtracks to Buster-Keaton movies back in 2010. In the following years he played all kinds of music in school ensembles – including the performance of his first own songs and arrangements with the school choir. At that time he was also part of the creative network ‘Open Ears Concept’ and won an advancement award at ‘Verden Jazz & Blues Days’.

After finishing his A-levels in 2015 he moved to Vienna to study Jazz- & Popular Music. He played concerts in locations like the ‘Vienna Concert House’ and started to play in groups such as ‘Buntfink’ and ‘Hope Will Lead’. In 2017 he was part of launching the new independent label ‘corus records’. Later that year Buntfinks Debut-EP “Waiting For” became its first release.

2018 he moved to London to finish his Bachelor degree at the ICMP. There he leads the focus back on his songwriting and will present first songs in 2019. He is also in great demand as a drummer and will take part on concerts and releases throughout the next months.