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And nice to meet you! I am Lasse Corus, a London based musician and drummer. Here you’ll find all details about me, my projects, tour dates and releases.

If you got any questions or would like to work with me, DM me on Instagram or send me a message at contact(at)

Best, Lasse


Music Production / Songwriting

My first arrangement and songwriting experience back in Germany let to first performances of my own work with choirs and percussion groups. After writing and releasing a first concept project in 2016, I released my self-produced debut single ‘Changes’ in 2019 featuring vocalist Ella Tobin, saxophonist Nacho Stax and guitarist Noah Henry.

Since then I have worked as a recording engineer and producer for different artists and have recorded sessions at Tileyard Studios.

Drum Tutor/ Music Educator

In 2019 I have finished my teaching degree at the Vienna Music Institute with distinction. My final work was focusing on ergonomic ways of drumming and how to teach them. In order to finish my degree, I observed lessons from first-class tutors such as Gabor Dornyei and Jon Shone (MD One Direction).

I have years of experience as a private teacher and in 2017 I gave my first Drum Workshop at the Music-Art Nienburg about “Rhythm & Independence”. Topics included “Warm Up”, “Effective Practice Techniques” and the “Ta-Ka-Di-Mi”-System.

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